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Who we are

Boston, Vienna, London and Paris have joined forces to build this amazing team.
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Corneliu Serediuc

Software Development
I’ve been a programmer since 11. I’m excited about community, social equity, entrepreneurship and above all, inspiring others to live a rich and meaningful life.
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Florin Chelaru

Software Development
Former MIT CSAIL researcher, with a PhD from University of Maryland. I love technology, drawing and building things. Favorite hangout place: Foo Bar!
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Livia Dinu

Business Development
A true “Jack of all trades”, I am advising on how to turn Twinfog into a healthy, growing business, from figuring out the business model, to getting the users, and keeping them happy.
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Măriuca Morariu

Communications Consultant
Enthusiastic communications all-rounder and resourceful self-starter with six years of experience in award-winning charities and European organizations.
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Oana Bujoreanu

Digital Marketing Consultant
Oana is focused on the marketing analysis and its translation into clear and actionable recommendations. She loves helping organizations discover their voice and reach their clients.
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Irina Savin

Communications Consultant
Irina is a multimedia content creator and digital comms strategist, who loves working with words and visuals. You can find her at @LiliParapluie.

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